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For soulful singer-songwriter Emerson Day, storytelling came naturally from a young age. Writing songs as early as 8 years old, she was influenced by the sounds of a southern rock guitar and an old church piano. Growing up on her family's farm in Southern Maryland, she would sit outside playing guitar and singing for hours. God put a song in her heart long before she ever realized it.


Driven by career and athletic aspirations, Day graduated from University as a decorated Lacrosse player with her degree in Homeland Security. The same competitive nature which drew her to sports and a career in federal law enforcement, quickly engaged when she felt God calling her to pursue music. In a true leap of faith, she began pursuing a music career. Thursday through Saturday she began playing shows taking request in local bars and venues in her hometown. But it wasn't until she started leading worship at a small church in North Carolina, that God showed her the true path he had for her. One of the Sundays she led worship, someone gave their life to Christ right in front of her at the altar. This moment solidified Emerson's calling and passion for Christian music. She never looked back.

During the next year, doors continued to open, and Emerson signed her first record deal in 2023 with Fair Trade Services.

She's been writing and recording music, showcasing her testimony through every strong, raspy note and powerful lyric.

January 2024 marks her debut to Christian music on Micah Tyler's next single "People Like Us (feat. Emerson Day)" followed by her first release in March. The primary single, "God Ain't Finished Yet," a driving, truth-filled toe-tapper is Day's version of a life story. "So many times in life we're faced with disappointment, hardship or roadblocks. This song is the reminder that no matter what we're going through or what we're facing God isn't done writing our story. If I'm still breathing, then he's still working!"

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